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The Top 4 Luxury Party Resorts In The World

While budget holidays may be all the rage, every once in a while it’s nice to splash a bit more cash and treat yourself to a life of luxury. When it comes to expensive resorts however, there can often be a lack of atmosphere as the price tags for certain resorts get higher – the key is to find the right balance in order to ensure you spend your days abroad in the throes of decadence rather than discretion.

Below, we’ve picked four of our favourite places for luxury partying – places that will allow you to sample sun, sea and swimming along with drinking, dancing and delaying going home for as long as you possibly can.


How could we start anywhere else? Arguably the world’s quintessential luxury destination, Monaco’s undoubted glamour has made it the go-to destination for the super-rich for generations. Despite being the world’s second smallest country (the smallest is the Vatican – somewhere we wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for a party, but may be worth a visit to cleanse yourself post-Monaco), the principality can more than compete on the party front.

From exclusive yacht parties to high rolling at the Casino del Monte Carlo, Monaco is the epitome of concentrated hedonism – we doubt there’s anywhere better for deluxe decadence in the world. Get yourself a villa with a pool or an apartment on the beach and make the most of the beautiful temperature during the day, and ensure you pack that extra pocket money when you head out at night.


On the subject of casinos, there is no way we could have omitted Las Vegas from this list – a place that is considered by many across the world as the be-all and end-all of unbridled decadence and, in some corners, of moral decay. Whether you want to party under replica volcanoes, the Eiffel Tower, the shadow of the Colosseum or hurtle down the Strip in a neon Cadillac, you can live out your wildest fantasies at the click of your fingers.

Rooftop pool parties aren’t hard to come by in Vegas, so don’t worry about missing out on an opportunity to wear your Thomas Royall shorts – from Jacuzzis and hot tubs to jet streams and ice bars, Vegas quite literally has it all. Just remember the golden rule once you board that return flight and head back over the Grand Canyon to Blighty – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…


From two of the world’s more obvious glamour hotspots, we move to this hidden gem tucked away in South Eastern Europe. Montenegro may not be somewhere you immediately associate with luxury parties, but when you arrive and realise that this is the place where billionaire Russians come to relax, you’ll soon start to see the glamourous lifestyle round every corner.

While there is less decadence than Vegas, if you time your visit right you could be rubbing shoulders with some of the most moneyed individuals on the planet – all against a backdrop of the Adriatic Coast. It has long been touted as one of the must-see beach destinations in Europe, and it doesn’t disappoint – with scenery to match the locally sourced wine and beer, you’ll be partying into the night in some of the classiest bars in Eastern Europe.


Our fourth and final stop on this whistlestop tour of luxury destinations is Thailand’s Phuket Province, a location that has enjoyed a huge increase in tourism in recent years. Although technically an island, it doesn’t feel that way – it’s massive. It’s about the same size as Singapore, and it’s brimming with the kind of life you’d normally associate with a mainland metropolis.

It’s an island of sin now notorious the world over, but this is all juxtaposed with Phuket’s unquenchable thirst for luxury. Rented yachts, unbelievable apartments and a tropical climate that will leave you seriously considering relocating permanently, it’s little wonder that the province is getting quite a name for itself. Go deep sea diving in the day and wading through the clubs and bars in the evening with your quick-dry Thomas Royall shorts and you’ll realise that may have located a true pocket of paradise tucked away in Thailand’s island network.