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As we move into the summer it’s easy for our minds to wander, finding visions of sun, sea and sand in some tropical destination. Making it through the British winter is always cause for celebration, and we should be making the most of the warm temperatures by packing our bags for the beach whenever we can. Lazy days working on the tan are always welcome, but sometimes you just need a bit more activity in your day. If you’re hoping to stay active when you head to the beach then try some of these sports. They’re great fun and will help to keep you looking good.


Beach volleyball is a great sport for you and your friends to get involved with, and it’s also easy to learn. You just need a net, a ball and some people – at least two per side but preferably three. Lobbing your opponent with a looping shot, or smashing it down for the point can be a very addictive feeling. Just remember to keep things fun and light, you don’t want to be the guy who takes things too seriously and causes an argument over every point.


The appeal of surfing only truly comes after you’ve tried it for yourself. Getting on the board and riding the waves to the shore is both a tranquil and wild experience, two qualities that don’t usually work together. Surfing is just a cool thing to do, and everyone could do with trying it once. If you’re a first timer then try and book a few beginner lessons somewhere, as coaches could have you standing on the board and catching waves within hours. Just don’t go overboard by attempting to surf huge waves with little experience, as that could end up being a frustrating and painful time.


It’s always a good time to play the most popular sport in the world, but combining it with the beach can add a new dimension to your favourite game. When you play on sand there’s an added layer of unpredictability, which makes for an extremely fun time. Not only that, but with the soft ground you’ll be able to try out those moves you’re too cautious to try on the grass. Time to polish off that overhead kick you’ve been saving for a special occasion.


This is like a combination of canoeing and surfing, making it an ideal alternative for fans of either of those activities. You can catch waves on the long surfboards and you even have an oar to steer yourself around. Everything is done standing up, and before long you’ll realise just how good this activity is for keeping fit. Stand up paddle boarding is perfect even when the waves are smaller, as you only need a bit of movement to get going. Again, you should try and have a few lessons first before attempting.


With wake boarding you’ll be standing on a board while being dragged along by a speedboat, which makes for a fast and frantic time. The boat will usually twist and turn to give you a few surprises, helping keep you on your toes. There’s not much which is more exciting than gliding across the water at such high speeds – wake boarding is both addictive and tiring, but you’ll be itching to get involved again as soon as it’s over. Keep in mind that you should always be wearing a life jacket when attempting wake boarding.


If surfing seems like a bit too much for you then body boarding could be the ideal alternative. Instead of trying to stand on the board you just use your hands to lift your body up and away you go! It takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s a lot quicker to pick up than surfing and you’ll be surprised just how far your board can take you if you catch a good sized wave.


Perhaps the most extreme of all the sports listed here, kite boarding will have you gliding across the water at intense speeds. The exhilarating ride will take a bit of getting used to, as you constantly make decisions about movement and the position of your body, but after your first go we know you’ll be coming back for more.

All of these sports are perfect for the summer and provide great ways of enjoying the sunshine if you want to be more active. Of course, it’s always important to stay looking your best when you hit the beach, and that’s why you should always come dressed in a pair of Thomas Royall designer shorts. Take a look through our store to find the perfect pair for your summer.