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Here at Thomas Royall, we always like to keep a close eye on emerging trends and fashion and this is especially the case when summer rolls around. Men’s fashion is often a difficult nut to crack, as once one trend breaks it seems to be everywhere – the key is to remain one step ahead at all times, but in order to do that it takes much diligence when sifting through the plethora of pages written on fashion blogs across the internet.

This is, of course, a process that takes a lot of time and effort and with people working longer hours than ever it seems like a tall order to stay ahead of the curve this season. Fortunately, this is where Thomas Royall comes in – we’ve compiled a few of our most treasured tips to ensure that you are able to stand out from the crowd on the beach, in the bar or on the dance floor.


We’ll start with a simple one. Blue (the colour, not the boyband – thankfully) is returning once more to knock every other stock colour aside this summer. While a few years ago people were more inclined to stick with grey’s accessible but often treacherous colour scheme – think of the sweat patches – it’s unquestionably the age of the blue once more.

It’s great news because it works on so many levels. Blue comes in a huge number of shades that you can tweak accordingly depending on your overall outfit, and it is a colour that really gives off a feeling of freshness. This is before we even mention that fact it goes with almost everything, and is the signature colour of the iconic Thomas Royall waistband – win-win!


Hardly a brand new trend, but we’ve included it to ensure you don’t make any rash decisions when to comes to forgoing floral the summer. Where you’ll need to upgrade, however, is the new ranges of designs that are being released that take the floral pattern as a concept to the next level – from high-end brands such as Givenchy and their ‘hardcore’ floral to the sleek designs you can find on our very own swim shorts.

Let’s face it – summer is a time for openness and for happiness. Nothing oozes these qualities more than a classy floral print.


This one is slightly more of a curveball. For anyone who has been out to a club off the beaten track recently (i.e. one that doesn’t insist on the ‘no hats, no trainers’ rule) will have spotted a swathe of people representing a look that seems to be a homage to scally fashion of ten years ago. It’s grown steadily since performance shoes made the transition from bespoke running wear to the trainer of choice for people of all professions, and this summer it’s set to be unavoidable.

From sliders to baseball caps (not snapbacks), sports and performance wear is going be huge for the foreseeable future. It’s comfortable, it’s casual and when done right it can look as good as it feels.


Deeply rooted in yuppie culture, the double pastel combination has often been shunned by mainstream fashion in the UK. Fear of looking ‘too preppy’ is a real issue for men in this country, but 2015 seems to be the year that sees attitudes towards the pastel colour palette drop somewhat. Masculinity within fashion is something that is ever-evolving and this can be seen through this predicted pastel resurgence – they demonstrate a more liberal attitude to summer clobber and provide a vibrant break from your winter wardrobe.

It also means that you don’t need to fear mixing it up when it comes to your shirt and shorts combo. Our bright yet subtle colours that feature in many of our range are the perfect option when it comes to SS15 fashion.


The time has passed for choosing subtle stripes; the time for strong stripes is well and truly upon us. Whether it’s a thick hoop, stripes that vary in sizes and colour or the inverse pinstripe, the summer may just well be defined by how well you can wear your stripes. A striped shirt or t-shirt is the perfect middle ground between floral prints and block colours – while still attracting attention to your outfit, you rarely run the risk of being too out there.

What’s brilliant about strong stripes is that they complement shorts of almost any design. Get the colour combinations right and you could be well on your way to being the talk of the resort.


I know we’re biased, and I know we’ve mentioned our range a few times, but it seems like the stars are aligning for a Thomas Royall summer this year. We’re confident because we’ve seen the amount of time and effort that has gone into designing, manufacturing and distributing our swim shorts and how satisfied each and every one of our customers has been after receiving them.

We believe that attention to detail is something that can often be overlooked in the modern day, so we’ve ensuring that every individual pair is made with the same craft and guile as the last. Swimwear should be an investment in quality and we put that idea at the heart of everything we do.

For more information on our range, or just to ask a few questions about the brand itself, don’t hesitate to give one of our team a call today – we’ll always be happy to have a chat.