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Here at Thomas Royall, we believe that there is little more soothing for the soul than swimming in beautiful natural waters. Thanks to cheaper airline travel, the world is now a much smaller place – meaning that those of us who can’t help but chase the sun at every opportunity are now able to.

But aside from the more typical destinations that package holiday deals have allowed us to become familiar with over the past two or three decades, we are also able to travel to the more secluded places the world has to offer. Below, we go through a few of the more magnificent places you can choose to really road test your Thomas Royall swim shorts – all of which we guarantee will make for a holiday that you’ll never forget.


Out of the thousands of tiny islands that populate the world’s vast ocean spaces, only a small fraction is actually inhabited or indeed accessible by humans. Fortunately for us, Comino Island is one of them.

Situated in between Malta and Gozo, it has become somewhat of a magnet for day-trippers visiting the region on a break, and once you get there it isn’t difficult to see why. The staple environment we now come to expect with exotic swimming – clear blue waters and white sandy beaches – are all, of course, present, but it’s what lies beneath the shimmering sea that is the real attraction. Brimming with life, make sure you have your snorkel at the ready – there are some truly amazing underwater ecosystems to behold.


We all know by now the rich beauty that the Greek islands possess, but there are still a few gems that aren’t overly populated by the travelling hordes – Kalami Beach is one that certainly falls into this category.

Along the North-western coastline of the island, Kalami is a horseshoe bay nestled among the picturesque hillside villages that populated this part of the world. The idyllic and indeed iconic Ionian Sea provides a perfect setting for a summer swim, with its shallow waters making it suitable for absolutely everyone. With the ease and affordability that Corfu can now be reached, there’s no excuse not to sample Kalami Beach at least once in your life.


For our next stop, we head outside of Europe to one of the most exotic places on the planet – the Galapagos. Made famous in the Western world as the location where Charles Darwin was able to hone his revolutionary theories of evolution, the Galapagos is brimming with natural life and beauty that makes it an almost unbeatable location for anyone keen on swimming in natural waters.

Gardner Bay on Hood Island somewhat exemplifies all that is beautiful about this tiny segment of the world. After a short 30-minute boat ride to its shores, you can share the sun, sea and sand with herds of playful sea lions, manta rays and other examples of our planet’s natural diversity. After your swim, why not stick around until the evening and help the famed sea turtles of the region bury their eggs? A truly breath-taking example of the circle of life, and one that will stay with you forever.


On the subject of sea turtles, we couldn’t continue without including the mesmerising Hanuma Bay, situated along the shores of America’s own tropical paradise, Hawaii. During the summer months, you can swim alongside these mesmerising creatures in the warm waters of the pacific; through centuries of human interaction, the creatures are so comfortable with your company that you’ll often find them swimming up to you to say hello.


Now widely considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Thailand has certainly gone through a number of large scale changes in recent years. When it comes to swimming in natural waters, however, you’ll struggle to find a country that offers more by way of choice – Phi Phi Island is just one of the many examples we could have given of the perfect settings that you’ll find littered along the coastline.

Where we feel Phi Phi differs somewhat is its accessibility – it’s certainly one for the younger generation, with cheap restaurants and bars now populating is beautiful shores. While many purists believe this has tarnished its reputation as one of the country’s most idyllic spots, we don’t subscribe to that view – this small wave of modernisation has made it an irresistible location for anyone who enjoys socialising as much as they do swimming.


Ancient Mayan culture has long been a source of intrigue and interest, but how many of us can legitimately say we’ve swam in the shadows of Mayan ruins? Well, you’ll be able to count yourself in that select group of people if you make a trip to the ruins at Tulum, situated on the Mexican coast.

With stunning ancient buildings peppering the cliffs and coast, your walk through them will be awash with amazement – and this is all before you reach the beautiful beaches that surround the rocky faces. Once you’ve navigated yourself past the cliques of relaxing iguanas on the hillside, you’ll be able to cool off in the tepid and refreshing Mexican waters; for some, this is the definition of paradise.


When it comes to remote parts of the world, you don’t get much more remote that Aitutaki. Only accessible by boat, this tiny island marooned amidst the clustered Cook Islands is perhaps one of the last examples of somewhere almost completely untouched by modernity. The cruise you’ll lake around the lagoon, run by locals, is something to behold – the water a mix of blues and turquoises that we only thought were possible through an Instagram filter and reefs bubbling full of more tropical life than you can shake a snorkel at.

Finish up at Ootu Beach and you’ll be able to stretch out on the white sand, surrounded by thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean. If there’s one place on this list that’s worth taking your Thomas Royall swim shorts for a test drive, it’s probably here.