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How To Be The Hottest Guy On The Beach In Just Swim Shorts

Summer sun, Sex on the Beach (or an ice cold pint of beer of that’s more to your liking) and a new pair of designer beach shorts are all you need to live a life of decadence this summer. Even the most fashion conscious of men want to know how to look their sexiest – here Thomas Royall our luxury, designer swim shorts will make you look incredible, whatever the weather, but here’s a few tips to get the most out of our shorts, and look as hot as our models do.


Believe it or not, every summer men walk up and down beaches all around the world with their Calvin Klein waistbands on show above their beach shorts. We’re going to level with you – nobody thinks that’s sexy, and it won’t get you anywhere. Our designer swim shorts are designed to be worn commando, and they’re the most comfortable when you leave your boxers in your hotel room.

Barack Obama was recently spotted heading to the beach in just a pair of swim shorts. If the President of America has the power to stroll down the beach going commando, you do too.


Confidence is sexy. The best part about summer is walking down the beach in a vibrant pair of swim shorts that will get you noticed. You know that our beach shorts look fantastic, and we know that our beach shorts will make you look incredible. A pair of our luxury beach shorts are guaranteed to get you noticed, whether you go for our Ibiza Floral Shorts or our L.A. Black Shorts. Stand tall in your brand new designer beach shorts, and don’t get embarrassed when people stop and stare. They’re just jealous that you’re the hottest guy on the beach.


Seriously – as sexy as tans are, burns are quite the opposite. It’s hard to look or feel your best when you look and feel like a lobster. Make sure you use protection this summer and get a decent suntan lotion to bring to the beach with you. When you sit there in your new pair of designer shorts applying the lotion to your arms and chest, try not to smile too hard when you notice that all eyes are on you.


The squarer your swim shorts the better. Ideally, you want them to hang off the waist and sit just above the knee. We design shorts in a variety of sizes, and it’s important to get the right size for you. You only want to swim in your shorts when you’re in the water, after all. If your shorts cover your knees, you can turn them up, just don’t go overboard and make them look like hot pants…unless that’s what you’re going for.


Our luxury swim shorts are designed with our signature azure blue elastic waist and a white drawstring so that you can fasten them to the right size. This design feature is to ensure a tailored fit, not to keep the shorts up. While your beach shorts will have a concealed back pocket, this isn’t meant for your wallet and your phone and your keys. If you weigh down your shorts like this not only will they fall down (please refer to point one: Go Commando), but this simply doesn’t look good.


The best thing about designer swimwear is having multiple designs. While our shorts are of the highest quality and are quick drying, wearing the same pair of shorts every day for a week isn’t recommended. Bring two, maybe three pairs which you can change between to suit your mood on the day. Our SS15 collection has a wide range of designs from bold, vibrant designs to subtle graphic prints, meaning that whatever your mood you can match it to your swim shorts. With multiple pairs of designer shorts you’re guaranteed to turn heads every day, and you’ll show your sense of style and flair for summer fashion in every photo and selfie you show up in.

With these things in mind, you’re guaranteed to be one of the hottest guys on the beach. Hold your head up high, as you stroll along the beach, showing off your sense of style, your life of luxury and your love of the summer lifestyle. If you have any questions or tips about our range of designer swim shorts, or how to look your best this beach season, contact Thomas Royall today. A member of our expert team is on hand to help you through picking the perfect pair of designer swim shorts today.