Top 5 Late Summer Pool Party Destinations

Just because summer is drawing to a close, it doesn’t mean that the parties have to stop. Late summer is the perfect time for a pool party, and destinations all over the world have already caught onto that gem of information. So don’t put away your sunglasses and buy a pair of designer swim shorts from our store today just in time for your late summer trip. Here are five of the top destinations for pool parties in the late summer months.

Las Vegas

The perks of Las Vegas’ desert surroundings and minimal rainfall is that the late-summer sun shines away long after most other places, and the party never ends. For a break free of children and the heavy volume of tourists that appear during the summer, visiting Vegas in September or maybe even later could prove to be your best choice. The Las Vegas EDM Day club already has their Pool Party Calendar for September up and running, with multiple events and DJ’s every day so there’s a little something for every taste. A daytime party will not only mean that half of Vegas will still be sleeping off a hangover, but during the summer months you can enjoy these parties in a more manageable heat.


Ibiza is known for its parties, so it really would be criminal if the party stopped as soon as the summer drew to a close. Ibiza’s heat doesn’t end as soon as September hits, and neither does the party lifestyle. With Boat Parties still leaving every day from San Antonio, and Ocean Beach Ibiza offering pool parties with a wealth of good music from midday until late, there really is no shortage of water-based parties to enjoy. The later visit will mean that, while it’ll still be teeming with visitors, the bulk of the tourists will have returned home. Take advantage of the clearer streets to enjoy Ibiza for the beauty it is.


Just like the other two destinations, Marbella can hold onto its sunshine for far longer than some of its European counterparts. While we Brits are pulling out the jumpers, those in Marbella are still sunning themselves on the sand, so why not join them? Nikki Beach offers a range of events into the month of September and beyond. Their Ladies Day runs every Tuesday afternoon with champagne and snacks, and their Amazing Sundays run through September, with the finale event of the year taking place on the 24th.


Crete is one of the most stunning destinations for a holiday, but in the late summer months it’s far easier to enjoy everything that it has to offer – including its pool parties. Star Beach is one of Crete’s top party destinations for beach and pool parties, with events continuing on into early September. For sun and gorgeous views, there’s nowhere better than Crete for a pool party, or simply to enjoy the stunning beaches and turquoise waters.


Cyprus has a range of parties and events going on all year round, but for late summer pool parties it’s easily one of the best locations. Ayia Napa has its beach bars and boat parties running until mid-September, and in a high volume. There certainly isn’t a lack of things to do while you’re there, even if you choose to take a day out from partying just to enjoy the sun and what your destination has to offer. You could learn to scuba dive or go on a Black Pearl Pirate Boat cruise, so there really is something for everyone.

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