Top 4 Seaside Summer Holidays Around Europe

With free movement from Britain’s EU membership and cheaper air travel UK residents have several options for their summer holidays in a continent blessed with gorgeous beaches. They can take advantage of this by visiting a wide selection of locations, with a somewhat difficult choice to make when settling on a destination. There are few things more relaxing than lying on a beach with the sun on your back. This type of holiday is widely available in Europe and offered at decent value, too. Little preparation is required for holidaymakers, but they must make sure enough swimming shorts are packed and these are fashionable as well.

When the British weather finally sees consistent rays of sunshine it is difficult to not get excited about the prospect of travelling abroad. There is often a mad flurry of people booking holidays before hotel space becomes more challenging and the price increases as the summer progresses. To avoid the rush take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia might not be the first country to spring to people’s mind when looking for a coastal holiday, but the beauty of Dubrovnik rightly attracts thousands of Europeans every summer. It is quickly becoming one of the popular European breaks due to its iconic walled port and unspoiled surroundings. With a wealth of restaurants, bars and shops unspoiled by commercialism, it is a welcome break away from the capitalist culture of the Western world. With boat rides and kayak hiring available in large supply there are plenty of activities to be getting on with.

Tuscany, Italy

Although this may not have the esteemed reputation of other Italian locations, with approximately 250 miles of coastline there are some stunning beaches to visit. Lovers of small-scale resorts will be happy with Castiglione della Pescaia which is popular among tourists all over the globe. With a 15th century castle nearby it is packed full of cultural significance in a town renowned for its fishing. Sailing and windsurfing are other activities that make this area lively and appealing to visitors.

Biarritz, France

The Basque coast is famed for its magnificent beaches and views. Its relaxed and laidback atmosphere highlights the appeal for Brits wishing for a calm break away from the rigours of modern life. Having said that, the region is infamous for its surfing and watersport enthusiasts will be satisfied by the waves in Biarritz. French cuisine also keeps people happy throughout the day with its variety and unique flavours. As one of the most popular surfing spots in Europe it’s no wonder why many Brits flock to this part of the world.

Nice, France

As the unofficial capital of the French Riviera it comes as no surprise that Nice’s sophisticated shores make it a fabulous place to relax. With a variety of sandy and pebbly beaches the days fly by as tourists soak up the sunshine. There is the opportunity to explore Nice and its ancient ruins in the city as well.

Wherever you decide on going, make sure you have a pair of Thomas Royall shorts in your suitcase so you’re ready to jump in the sea.

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