The Weirdest Swimwear Rules Around The World

Weirdest Swim Rules Around the World

When you’re heading to the beach on holiday this year, you might think you don’t need to do much beyond choosing the most flattering, fitting swimwear and slapping on enough sun cream to keep you protected from the sun. That might be the case in most parts of the world, but some countries have some pretty unusual swimwear rules. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourites so you can be prepared wherever you’re going on holiday.

Wear Speedos In France

Most men struggle to decide whether it’s socially acceptable to wear Speedos, but in France swimmers are banned from entering public pools if they’re wearing anything but the tight trunks! The idea is that you shouldn’t wear clothing that you would typically wear outside, like trunks, t-shirts or board shorts, in the water to keep the pool clean. You’ll even find vending machines dispensing Speedos at French pools, which is pretty bizarre. In another twist of events, it’s totally acceptable to wear your Speedos out and about in the French Riviera, as long as you wear a t-shirt to cover your top half. No, we’re not sure of the logic behind this weird swimwear rule either!

Relaxing on the beach

Cover up In Hawaii

Covering up is a surprisingly common rule or expectation in plenty of tourist hotspots around the world, including Barcelona and much of France. In some countries, like Dubai, it’s considered disrespectful to be anywhere but the beach in swimwear because of the local culture. However, Hawaii’s law against men being out in public wearing only swimwear shorts is baffling… Luckily, the laid-back surfing capital is definitely not known for enforcing this law.

Hawaii Beach

Go Back In Time In Melbourne

Brighton Beach in Melbourne, Australia seems to be stuck in the Victorian times. Here, it’s technically still against the law to not to cover up in 19th century full head-to-toe swimwear, although again this is definitely not a law that’s enforced. If you don’t mind sacrificing your tan and do decide to wear this retro style, we’d love to see a selfie!

Bare All In Iceland

It might surprise you to learn that it’s pretty common to be asked to shower completely naked before entering any of Iceland’s geothermal pools. Icelanders seem to be pretty comfortable with communal showering, but we’re sure those who aren’t will appreciate being forewarned! The Blue Lagoon is rich in natural minerals, making a dip in the stunning blue water great for your skin, which is why chemicals aren’t added to the water. So expect to be sent straight to the shower before you can relax in the naturally heated waters at most of Iceland’s geothermal pools.

Hot Spring

Keep Your Feet Hidden In Italy

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so common to see glamourous Italian women lounging by the pool in their bikinis and heels, it’s because you’re required to wear footwear at most public swimming pools in the country. So, if you’re heading to Italy this summer forget worrying about the perfect pedi, as no one’s going to see it anyway!

Red high heels

Now you’ve got the lowdown on all the weird and wonderful swimwear rules around the world, you just need to find the perfect designer trunks to complete your look. Browse our complete range online today; will you go for the laid-back Luca fit or the more tailored George style? If you need inspiration, check out our style guide.

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