The Top 5 Beach Holidays this September

With September bringing the British summer to a close you may be wondering how to squeeze a little more summer sun out of 2015. For some, one last trip to Ibiza to hit the closing parties may be the way to go. For others, a more relaxing holiday basking in the sun may be more enticing this late in the year. Either way, here are the top 5 beach holidays to enjoy this summer. Just pick one, grab a pair of Thomas Royall designer beach shorts and you’ll be soon be on your way to sipping an ice cold beer on the beach once more.

The Closing Parties, Ibiza

The clubs in Ibiza start closing down during mid-September so if you’re after some of the biggest parties with some of the most famous DJs around, it’s time to hit Ibiza. With appearances from the likes of David Guetta, DJ Fresh and Fatboy Slim, you know you’re in for a good time.

Costa de la Luz, Spain

The Atlantic coastline on the south-west corner of Spain is well known for its perfect beaches. Head there this September if you’re looking for fine golden sand and crystal-clear water. A true costa for anyone who truly enjoys an unspoilt beach.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia in Italy is incredibly well known for its stunning beaches and luxurious trulli. If you want to enjoy a decadent Italian summer, this is one of the choice destinations in September. If you’d rather see where the Italians go during the summer, try Sicily or Sardinia – by September most of the Italians are done with the beach season, meaning that you can enjoy their favourite beaches at your leisure.

Northern Cyprus

Lying just outside of the Eurozone, Northern Cyprus doesn’t quite get the same foot-traffic as some of the beaches in Spain, Italy and Greece. This means that if you head here this September you’ll be looking at some of the wildest, most unspoiled secret beaches in the Mediterranean.


For those of you looking to go even further afield, Bermuda may just be the destination for you – all year sunshine, exclusive beach resorts and the most decadent holiday you’ll find in September this year. If pink sand beaches, unbelievably blue water and such luscious plant life that it’s impossible not to unwind are you cup of tea, grab your Thomas Royall shorts and start booking flights to Bermuda.

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