The Men’s Guide To Designer Swimming Shorts

Looking good on holiday is at the forefront of most people’s minds when they go away. After all, when else will they have such a good tan or be in such great shape? Fashion-conscious men might feel a bit limited by their holiday wardrobe but there are plenty of ways to style yourself to stand out and make an impression. At Thomas Royall, we are passionate about effortless designer swimwear so we’ve come up with this handy length guide to help you choose the perfect shorts.

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Short Length

Short shorts are definitely back in style this year. The 1950s-inspired style accentuates the calf muscles, so if you’ve been working out before going away these are the shorts for you. Plus, if you’re on the short side the higher hem line will make your legs appear longer. Tall men can also benefit from wearing shorter swim shorts, as they can cut the torso making it appear shorter. Short shorts look great in both solid block colour styles and patterns, for those who are more daring. They are the ideal throw-on piece for a day at the beach or lounging beside the pool working on your tan. If you’re looking for a pair of shorts which will slim you down, the non-elasticated waistband of some shorter shorts will help compliment your figure.

Mid Length

Mid length shorts are a bit more versatile, as they can be worn for lounging around the pool, walks on the beach and transition effortlessly into evening wear if you don’t have time to head home and change before you head out for dinner and drinks. Mid length shorts are great for those who want to be a bit more active on their holiday, whether that is swimming or trying out a water sport. Practical and stylish, mid length shorts look great in any colour but this seasons ‘must-haves’ are solid red, classic navy and baby pink. If you’re heading out for the night, pair some tailored swim shorts with a plain linen shirt to dress the look up.

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Long Length

Long length board shorts are a timeless classic. These shorts tend to be favoured by the older generation but young men looking for a comfortable swim short can pull them off too. Ideally, long length shorts should fall just above the knee to avoid drowning you in material. You’ll also want to choose a pair which has a good fit, whether it’s from a tailored style or a tighter fitting nylon lining inside to provide a flattering outline. In the past, vibrant Hawaiian and floral patterns have been popular but more recently simpler, understated patterns like dots and stripes have replaced this trend. Long length shorts are great for a casual day hanging out at the beach or participating in water sports.

If you need some inspiration before your beach break, Thomas Royall is here to help. You can browse our online store to see all the latest styles or read up on our other style guides to help you make the right choice of designer swimming shorts.

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