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The suns out at least two days a week now, which can only mean that summer is fast approaching! Your beach holiday is booked, your body goals are set and you’re hitting the gym harder than a 20-year-old hits the shots on a lads holiday in Magaluf. But all that hard work may be for nothing if your diet game isn’t on point. Here’s a list of some of the best super foods to get the most of your gym gains this summer.


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A popular alternative to rice and couscous, quinoa boasts some amazing health benefits. These small grains produce all 9 amino acids that our bodies can’t produce themselves, most importantly lysine which aids muscle growth and repair. It also packs an impressive 8 grams of protein per cup serving. Eat this as a balanced lunch to get your body repairing after your morning session or as part of a post work out meal.

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A breakfast staple that will take you straight back to your childhood, downing scorching bowls of the stuff smothered in sugar. There’s more to oatmeal than a nostalgic brekkie though. Its high soluble fiber count means that it is proven to lower cholesterol and heart disease. It also prolongs feelings of hunger meaning a full bowl for breakfast can last you through to lunch no problem. Most importantly for tuning your beach bod though is that it speeds up metabolism so you can convert those proteins to muscle mass even faster. Win!

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Fish is a no brainer for lean protein gains. Salmon is one of the best out there, with 17 grams of protein per 3 ounce serving. But its not just Salmons protein content that makes this fish super. It’s rammed with omega 3 which can reduce cholesterol so your heart won’t back up anytime soon. As well as saving your heart, salmon’s omega 3 has also been linked to protecting you from UV skin damage so you can hit the sands knowing this little fish has your skins back. Best to use sun protector to though, just in case.

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Not usually associated with ‘super foods’, the humble egg has plenty going for it and cooked right offers some serious dietary boosts. The most advantageous of which being its impressive protein to calorie count. A large egg contains around 70 calories and 6 grams of protein, a hard ratio to find anywhere else. Be warned though eager protein hounds, too much egg can be a bad thing. Studies have shown that the yoke of the egg contains high cholesterol levels, which can damage your heart. But you would need to consume a HUGE amount of them to have detrimental effect on your health, especially if you lead a healthy lifestyle. For best results poach or boil these little guys for that egg-stra (sorry, couldn’t help myself) healthy edge.

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Garlic, Ginger and Chilli

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I’m not piling these supers together out of laziness, it’s simply because they go together so well! Whilst complementing each other with flavor perfectly they also offer a balanced amount of nutrients and other benefits, so why not eat them all together! Ginger is great for relaxing muscles and aiding repair, garlic contains vitamins C, B6 and manganese, which are all great for energy levels and chillies are fantastic for boosting metabolism. Purists will argue that these guys should be eaten raw to get the most benefits as heat breaks down the cells, but using them in cooking is still a massive health boost and a flavor champion.

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