Poolside Essentials

Fed up of not being poolside ready? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve selected the top must have poolside items this summer.

Eco Terra Waterproof StereoPhoto credit: Ecoxgear/Eco Terra

Music is a definite essential when chilling around the pool, but the worry of damaging your speakers or phone plays heavily on the mind. However with the Eco Terra Waterproof Stereo you no longer have to fear. This stereo is 100% waterproof and allows you to plug in your device; it plays music for up to 25 hours and even floats. It’s perfect for pool parties or even for just relaxing around the pool.

Price £85.00


life proof case backlife prroof case sidePhoto credit: Life Proof

Next on our essentials list is this waterproof iPhone case. There is nothing worse than hearing your phone ring whilst in the pool; by the time you’re out, find a towel, and dry yourself off you’ve missed the call; Even a quick flick through Instagram, can prove difficult near any liquids. This case put to rest all those worries making for a more enjoyable poolside experience.

From £89.99


rayban folded sunglassesrayban sunglassesPhoto credit: Ray Ban

When lounging by the pool it’s always great to have a pair of shades to hand, the only problem is it’s all too easy to lose or break them. With this in mind, these innovative Ray Bans are brilliant as their practical, stylish and perfectly portable in a foldaway fashion. They look great on and can easily be folded away and popped into your pocket whenever needed.

From £135


Man lying on a liloPhoto credit: Sit In Pool

We’ve all heard, seen or had an inflatable Lilo or ring at some point; which you either tirelessly battle to get on to or pop after a day using it, not ideal!  We’ve stumbled across pool chairs and with no doubt they are the perfect substitute! Incredibly stable beanbags made for water!  Perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

Price £16


remote control snackPhoto credit: After 5

A floating remote control snack and drink float is the answer to our poolside problems. It brings snack and drinks to you without you having to move off you’re floating lounger or swim more than meter away. No longer will you have to wonder over to the bar or take dibs on who’s round it’s next! It holds 5 drinks and even has a place for snacks. Perfect!

From £54.99


stephen james on the beachPhoto credit: Adam Fussell

Lastly, we finish with the ultimate poolside essential that will guarantee you’re the most stylish one around. With fun eye-catching colours and playful prints you’ll positively stand out amongst the rest, making Thomas Royall’s luxury swim shorts a must have for any guy!  Get yours now!

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