Perfect Valentine’s Gifts

Stuck for a valentine’s gift for your other half this year? Don’t panic; this blog is the answer to your problems. We know it’s always hard to know what to get as a gift on this romantic day but here’s a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Flowers and chocolates are a given for the ladies. Nearly every woman loves chocolate and would appreciate a stunning bunch of red roses. Its cliché but it means you can’t go wrong and are guaranteed to get a happy girlfriend. Of course, adding a handpicked valentines card, with a soppy message to keep to tradition will also get you brownie points.

roses and chocolates
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Something personal for your other half is always will always be a winner. People like to see that thought has been put into the present and message. Try making a CD or playlist of your other half’s favourite songs orr a personalised piece of jewellery with your initials. These kinds of presents are great as they come with sentimental value and are a keepsake forever.

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Depending on how much your spending this valentine, a night away can be the perfect gift to spoil your loved one with. A night stay in a fancy hotel in London or your local city with a couple of cocktails, or a spa retreat to kick back and relax. This type of gift is great to get to spend time just the two of you  and memory for life.

rose petals on bed
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Sometimes when life’s so busy we don’t get a chance to catch the latest film or never take the time out to treat ourselves to see a theatre production. Taking your other half to see a new film at the cinema or their favourite theatre show is a classic evening out, that can be enjoyable for you both. A top suggestion is electric cinemas, as it’s like being in the comfort of your own home, with beds and sofas to lounge on.

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Alternatively, if you’re a female looking to add a twist of style to HIS present then spoil him with a pair of Thomas Royall swim shorts so that he’s looking stylish for your next couples trip away. Simply shop here to see all our different styles.

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Wishing you a romantic and Happy Valentine’s Day this February 14th.

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