Paradise in Portugal

We’ve recently got back from the phenomenal Portugal, shooting our SS17 campaign “Lost in Paradise“, which we will be revealing to you all very soon. Portugal is an extremely popular holiday destination, and is one of Europe’s most visited countries due to affordability and their breath-taking views. Here are some of the prime places in beautiful Portugal for you to visit.


First off, we have Portugal’s capital Lisbon. Lisbon is Portugal’s most popular location, it’s great for artsy alleys and quaint shops. A great way to see the top tourist spots in Lisbon is by taking one of their vintage trams which goes past some of Lisbon’s main attractions and historic areas. The most famous site is Lisbon bridge with its official name 25 De Abril Bridge. It resembles Golden Gate bridge in San Francesco and makes for an extraordinary entrance to Lisbon with a constant upbeat atmosphere and traditional vibe.

San Francisco Bridge

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Algarve is the place to go to get picturesque beaches and fabulous cuisine. One of the best locations in Algarve is Lagos that has sandy coves and beaches to kick back and relax. As well as having the “Old Town” which is a must see to appreciate the culture. Largos also offers some great nightlife if you’re looking for some entertainment. Alternatively if you’re looking for a great place to shop then Faro is the place to be including the fine dining locations and fantastic entertainment.

Algarve Beach

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Next, we have beautiful Obidos, located on a hilltop in west of Portugal. Obidos is encircled by an old wall with a magnificent medieval castle right beside it. The castle and wall is Obidos biggest attraction, as people enjoy walking along it, taking in the view as they walk. The castle is now a fantastic hotel making for a great place to stay. If heights aren’t your thing not to worry, Obidos also have cobbled streets to stroll along, with inviting one off cafes and quaint shops selling perfect souvenirs.

Town of Obidos

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Fan of wine? Porto is the place for you as its world famous for its production of fine wine and port. The busy city overlooks the Douro River in north Portugal. At the heart of Porto is the pedestrian zone also known as the Ribera a charming place on the river. This sounds like the perfect spot to me, to be sat by the beautiful river listening to live music, taking in the buzzing atmosphere. When in Porto we recommend you visit the wine cellars and enjoy tasting the delicious range of flavours their have on offer.

Porto riverside

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And lastly, we have Averio, in the centre of Portugal, its known as a bustling city and often called the Venice of Portugal due to its scenic canals. Averio has a wide range of canals going through it with beautiful bridges allowing you to cross. It also has brightly coloured houses, which is personally my favourite part about it. The brightly coloured houses make for a happy atmosphere and great photos. Averio is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning architecture and friendly locals. A great building to see is the Averio Cathedral, which is a beautiful building. I think it is quite an unusual building and definitely worth a visit if architecture is your passion.

Averio riverside

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