Packing Essentials For Your Winter Sun Escape

Packing Essentials for Your Winter Sun

Packing for your winter sun escape can be a challenge. Having spent the summer early waiting for D-day, when it comes to it, do you know what essentials to pack? Going abroad doesn’t have to be in the height of season. In fact, a winter sun escape could be just what you need. Timing your trip carefully could land you a good value deal. The best way to grab a bargain is planning a trip 6 weeks before Christmas. But what do you pack? If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off this winter, here’s what you need to take with you:

You’ll need to remember the necessities. Although it may seem obvious, one in ten holidaymakers forget their passport as they prepare to jet away. You don’t just need to take your passport though. You’ll need the relevant travel insurance documents with you to make sure you’re eligible to receive discounted health care or medical treatment if anything was to go wrong on your travels. Take booking confirmations for your flights, including boarding passes, and accommodation – don’t rely on technology.

Depending on where you’re heading off to, you may want to consider the climate at this time of year. Like the UK, the weather can be just as unpredictable. Although you can still expect it to be warm during the day, with highs of 26 degrees, temperatures drop at night. The best clothing items to pack include long-sleeved shirts, jeans and a jumper – just in case. For women, a casual dress or long-sleeved shirt is suitable. Remember to take a ‘thick’ jacket in case the temperature is lower than expected, or if you’re prone to feeling the cold. Consider that when arriving back in the UK it will be cold. Wear a suitable outfit both to and from the airport. You might want to show off your tan the minute you land but trust us, you might regret that decision.

Packing Essentials for Your Winter Sun Escape

Similarly, consider your foot wear. Flip flops and sandals are fine during the day, but at night you might require a shoe more durable. If you predict you’ll be doing a lot of walking, visiting landmarks and attraction or anything similar, you should take a pair of comfortable shoes with you. The cooler weather is perfect for those who are seeking an adventure.

Despite the potentially cooler weather, you’ll still need to take sun cream, swim wear and sunglasses with you! Avoid packing anything you can buy at the resort or find in a local supermarket abroad. Not only will sun cream take up a fair bit of valuable space in your case, it isn’t the lightest product to carry on board with you. This include shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

With the summer sales in full swing by autumn, finding swimwear you like can be a challenge, which is why if you’re yet to check out our swimwear collection here at Thomas Royall, we recommend you do! Our products are available 365 days a year. Stand out by the sea with our finest quality shorts that everybody’s talking about.

So now you’re packed and ready to enjoy your winter sun escape, the real fun can begin!

Packing Essentials for Winter Sun Escape

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