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In this beautiful weather we’re having, people are forever wishing we had a nice outdoor pool to cool off in.  Luckily in and around our capital city London has a variety of different outdoor pool facilities to offer, which make for a brilliant day out.

The Serpentine Lido is a perfect spot for a family day out. This lido is located in Hyde Park and is open water swimming in The Serpentine area which is 30m x 100m. As well as that is has its own chlorinated paddling pool and gated playground perfect for the kiddies. Alongside the Serpentine Lido is the Lido Cafe Bar which has waterside tables and is the ideal place to enjoy a snack, meal or a cocktail, great for the parents to kick back and relax. In the months June, July and August the Lido is open seven days a week from 10am to 6am.


Swimming pool in a park

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Next great spot for a swim is the Parliament Hill Lido on Hampton Heath, this Grade II-listed Lido and measures a generous 60 metres by 28 metres. This lido was built in 1938 but has since been refurbished, including stainless steel lining which retains heat and has reflective qualities. Not only can you enjoy your swim, you can also take in the beautiful view of the city due to the great location of the Lido. Anyone can use this lido whether you want a serious fitness swim or a family day out. The Lido also has café for refreshments or you could even bring your own picnic and take in the gorgeous view.


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Brockwell park is a beautiful place for a day out and about or even just walk if you’re or passing by. However sometimes missed in the corner of the park is the Brockwell Lido. Not only does it have great pool facilities, it also has The Art Deco building that has been refurbished to be a hardcore fitness centre open all year round. The Brockwell park Lido sometimes called Brixton’s Beach is one of the most popular Lidos in London; known for its strong community spirit and relaxed atmosphere. The Olympic size pool is the perfect place to practice your lengths and swimming technique.


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Hillingdon Outdoor Pool, sometimes known as Uxbridge Lido was reopened in 2010 and is better than ever. It includes fountains at each end of the pool and even a heated Splash pool for the kids. You can go to the Lido for a serious morning swim between 7.00 -8.30 or if you just fancy a general or a family fun swim you can come between 10.30-13.30 or 14.30-18.00. These sessions are spilt to enable the pool to be cleaned in between each one, to allow you to have the most enjoyable experience.


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Last but not least is Finchley Lido Leisure Centre, this is located a Great North Leisure Park, a 15-minute walk from both East Finchley and Finchley Central London underground tube stations. As well as the outdoor pool, they have a sauna, gym, studio and personal training facilities. They even have in the complex a cinema and Bowling alley facilities if you fancy going out after your swim. Also if you plan to go and the weather takes a sudden turn for the worst, they have an indoor pool that even has a wave machine.


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Wherever you go to experience in the UK this summer, be sure to be fully organised with beach towels, reading material, snacks for the kids and of course a pair of Thomas Royall swim shorts available for all the family.


Post by guest blogger: Noreen Dowling



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