How to Stay Fit on a Summer Vacation

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Summer is finally here, and we’re sure that you’re looking forward to your perfect vacation this year. No matter if you have chosen an exotic destination or a trip to the countryside, one question inevitably arises – what should I do in order to stay fit? If wonder how to achieve that, too, stay with us. Here are five useful tips on how to stay healthy and in shape this summer.

Stick to fresh vegetables and lean protein

Consuming enough lean protein and fresh vegetables should be your go-to choice on a vacation, despite the fact that many people usually turn to simple carbs and processed foods. Don’t get us wrong – indulging in your favourite meals is allowed, especially while on holiday. However, make sure not to overdo it, because that can lead to unwanted weight gain. For this reason, you should try to eat in as often as possible – especially if you are renting a house or a cottage. Kitchenette is a true life (and waistline) saver on a holiday!

Beware of the desserts

As soon as summer comes, we all start searching for a perfect snack to help us cool off – which is exactly why we often turn to frozen yoghurt, ice cream, smoothies, and popsicles. Even though these really do a great job and are so yummy, the real truth is that they are high in fat and calories. Homemade desserts can be as delicious and effective as the aforementioned ones, however, they’re much better since you know exactly what is in them. Aside from that, these are much healthier and cheaper, as well as low in calories.

Sip Smart

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It can be very difficult not to order that one extra cocktail while chilling by the pool, but be aware of these little fellows that can quickly add up to your daily calorie intake. It’s important to know that these are empty calories that will diminish your effort to look perfect on the beach, so you may want to skip them this time. Instead, you can always opt for tequila or vodka with seltzer and a tiny splash of fruit juice. A white wine spritzer and a light beer will also do the trick, so make sure that you always choose a drink lower in calories.

Fit in a short workout

Start your day with a 15-minute workout which will make your feel much better for the rest of the day. If you haven’t planned out your workout routines – don’t worry, you can always rely on YouTube videos that feature perfect vacation exercises for you. Sticking to a muscle-building routine is a must, even when you’re taking a break Continue with your strength training that maintains lean muscle mass. You can even take some high-quality natural fitness supplements in order to improve the overall effect. Just be consistent, but don’t take it too seriously – you are on a holiday after all!

Miss a bus tour

Forget bus tours and go sightseeing on foot – this is a great way to see the town and burn some calories at the same time. Of course, you don’t have to see everything in one day – do it across several days of your vacation for an even better effect. You can also rent a bike and cycle to your desired destination, which will improve the process of calorie burn even more. Apart from that, you should also take the stairs instead of the hotel elevator – even the smallest changes in your everyday routine can lead to some marvellous results.

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Even though many people tend to equate their vacation with eating whatever they want, sipping some cocktails and skipping workouts, that is actually the wrong approach that can lead to a complete dissatisfaction. In order to avoid that state of mind, as well as ruining your perfect abs, you may want to consider having a balanced diet and a workout plan which will help you stay fit while on vacation. Do that and you will feel much better right away!


Post by guest blogger: Peter Minkoff

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