How To Prepare For The Best Boat Party Of Your Life

Boat Party

Whether you’re on a boat party in Ibiza or you’re cruising around the entire globe, there are several things worth considering before you embark on the best journey of your life. A boat party is unlike any other party that you may have been to. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can prepare for the best boat party of your life.

Know the Dress Code

Some boat parties aren’t bothered about a dress code, and therefore you are free to wear whatever you wish throughout the entirety of the event. However, others require their passengers to wear formal attire, although this is normally for pre-booked events so you should make sure you have looked this up beforehand. Before you begin packing and preparing for your holiday, you should ensure you know the dress code thoroughly, otherwise the party might be much duller than you’d have hoped. When packing, you should also ensure to bring your best variety of swim wear as well, as of course, every boat party will have pool facilities. There’s nothing better than feeling confident by the pool, and our Thomas Royall swimming shorts can help!

Boat Party

Bringing Your Own Alcohol

Some boat parties will allow you to bring your own alcohol on board with you, providing you aren’t bringing twenty bottles. A couple of bottles of wine or champagne are usually allowed, however you should check this before you start packing your favourite beverages. Boat parties are usually all about luxury, so seeing whether personal alcohol is allowed could save you a lot of money, as they usually charge quite a lot for their drinks. Don’t have too much, though, as motion sickness combined with a drunk conscience doesn’t usually go down too well! Other boat parties however may provide free alcohol within the ticket price, so you could be in luck.

Boat Party

Preventing Motion Sickness

Building on the last point, motion sickness can be a really big issue for people going to a boat party, and it can often ruin the entire experience. Even though the sailor aims to make the journey as smooth as possible, this can’t always be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of the ocean. If you suffer from this, you can purchase sea bands, which are essentially little elastics that you wear on your wrists that press against your pressure points, reducing the amount of motion sickness you endure. Therefore, for those of you that are worried about becoming ill throughout the party, this simple step will keep the sickness at bay and allow you to enjoy it to the maximum.

Jumping into the Sea

Waterproof Phone Accessories

Boat parties are well known for getting quite crazy, and when there are so many strangers on board, it’s sensible to carry a phone with you at all times. However, it isn’t rocket science that mobile phones and water aren’t a good mix, so it’s important to buy a waterproof phone case in order to keep it working throughout the duration of the party. Since there are so many people that attend these parties, it’s really easy to lose your friends, so by ensuring your phone is waterproof, you can still get in contact with them and find them as quickly as possible without worrying about dropping it in the pool or even the sea!

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