Hottest Winter Party Destinations

The Hottest Winter Party Destinations

When the sun disappears for another year and we’re greeted by the cold, harsh weather, it’s easy to feel a little blue, especially when you love those long, summer party nights. The fun doesn’t have to end there, though, as there are plenty of destinations around the world offering incredible nightlife during the winter months, despite the large drops in temperature. Here, we’re taking a look at the hottest winter party destinations for your 2017 winter fun!

Hottest Winter Party Destination 1

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This popular location has a reputation for being loud and rowdy all year long, but it’s even more spectacular come the winter months. Not only will you be able to let yourself go at some incredible parties, but you’ll also be witness to the stunning landscapes that emerge during the winter months in this country. If you aren’t looking to spend much money and you’re on a tighter budget, Amsterdam makes for the ideal winter party destination, with clubs playing the most popular tunes until the early hours of the morning.



If you want to have the night of your life, Dubai is the place to visit all year round. However, when winter makes its appearance, it becomes an even better place to go when looking for a great winter party destination. Even though it’s the colder time of the year, you can still enjoy spending time outdoors as the temperatures in Dubai never really drop low enough to stay indoors all evening. In fact, temperatures in Dubai are much more bearable in the winter as the scorching desert heat drops off. Whether you want to live the life of luxury sipping champagne on the beach in your Thomas Royall designer swimming shorts or you want to explore the nightlife within the hotels, Dubai has many different places on offer for you to enjoy your night as much as possible.

Hottest Winter Party Destination

Berlin, Germany

People love to visit Berlin during the summer months to sip an ice cold beer whilst taking in the incredible surroundings. However, Berlin has so much more to offer, especially during the winter months. The city always looks beautiful during the winter, particularly when the buildings and ground have been sprinkled with a dusting of snow. Once you’ve absorbed these amazing surroundings, why not hit the clubs and party from dusk until dawn? Or, for some more traditional festivities, why not visit a Christmas market in Berlin? It might not be as crazy as the clubs, but it will still guarantee you an amazing time.

Phuket, Thailand

Towards the end of the year, Thailand throws some spectacular parties such as the street parade on Khaosan Road. Attending one of these parties is such a special experience that you are certain to treasure it forever; but the partying doesn’t end there in Thailand. Phuket is host to a whole range of beach parties too, where you can dance on the gorgeous sands and in the sea. Hundreds of people gather on the shore for a good time, and it’s definitely a memory that you’ll never forget.

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New York, USA

There is never a time in New York when there isn’t a party occurring, so you’ll never struggle to find a place to let your hair down in this great city. Once winter arrives, you’ll see a completely different side to this iconic city, as festivals in places such as China Town come alive, with an increasing number of parties happening in the East Village. No matter where the day takes you, you’re bound to stroll across a party at some point when visiting New York during the winter.


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