HIIT vs. Endurance Training

HIIT (characterised by repeated bursts of brief intense exercise interspersed with periods of brief recovery) has long been emphasised as the “best” way to exercise for fat burn, but let’s not forget flexibility and endurance! HIIT workouts boost both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness but you need to work at a moderate level for a longer period of time to build up power and stamina.

When you become accustomed to HIIT training your heart is likely to reach 80% or higher, when you go for a steady run, and after the first few minutes you’ll hit a wall. To increase endurance, you can boost your aerobic base in just 4-6 weeks by swapping out one of your weekly HIIT sessions for a steady workout, keeping your working pace at 70% or lower.

The Science: Endurance at a cellular level

Moderate workouts build up the mitochondria (your cell’s power makers) in your muscle fibres. These “power makers” are responsible for energy production derived from the breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids. An increase in mitochondria equals easier energy production meaning that you can go for longer without feeling fatigued. Wearing your Thomas Royall shorts throughout will ensure you look the part too.

Endurance training results in high increases in aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and resistance to fatigue over the long-term, all of which are made possible by mitochondrial productions at the cellular level.

Find what workouts work best for you!

Yoga and functional training including plyometrics (body weight exercises) are now my personal favourite. I know many fitness fanatics will argue “weights, running and spin classes don’t bulk you” but, I went from dancing 5 times a week to hitting the gym and for me the bulk was real! After just 3 weeks of avoiding certain gym equipment and “Body Pump” classes I noticed that by exercising using my own body weight, in my own space which is super convenient, gave me the strong but  feminine body composition that I wanted most.

Give these a go…

Each of the below exercises will increase strength and conditioning while supporting and improving flexibility.

1. TRX at TEN


2. Dynamic Pilates


3. Arial Yoga


4. Hot Power Yoga


5. Functional Training

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