Going Green, Good for Your Insides!

It’s widely generalised that high protein, low carbohydrate diets are the only diets that achieve your desired weight and muscle mass. Although this way of eating does produce brilliant results, high intake of animal protein can also wreak havoc internally and have detrimental effects on your future health! Animal protein is difficult for the body to digest, expediting a lot of energy, and slows digestion. Too much protein is highly inflammatory to the body and especially toxic to the kidneys.

The best sources of protein are from plants (e.g. Hemp protein or Spirulina) because they’re the cleanest and have anti-inflammatory and healing effects on the body.

  1. Hemp protein contains sulphur bearing amino acids, which creates flexible muscle required for neurotransmitter production and cognitive brain function.
  1. The superfood, Spirulina, as well as having detoxifying effects, is 60% protein – heaps more than chicken or beef! Before you think “but plants provide incomplete protein”, Spirulina is a complete protein with incredibly high Leucine content which is essential for your body to be able to build muscle.

It is suggested that someone weighing 150 pounds should consume one 10g serving of Spirulina p/day.

You can find Spirulina most supermarkets, health food shops like Holland & Barrett or online at Amazon and nature.com


How much protein should we eat?

It is recommended that your protein intake is calculated by multiplying your weight by 0.5, meaning a woman weighing 150 pounds would need 75g p/day and a man weighing 180 pound would need 90g of protein p/day.


Spirulina & BananasPhoto credit: kimberlysnyder.com/about/


Beauty Detox and Protein Smoothie in One!

  • Approx. 10g Spirulina (increase dose according to weight.)
  • 250ml coconut milk
  • 1 Organic Banana (frozen)


Protein Shake To Go?

If you are on the move and need something a bit more instant, Ancient Nutrition’ is the best protein powder around! My personal favourites are the Turmeric Bone Broth Protein for it’s healing & anti inflammatory properties, and the Chocolate Bone Broth Protein, which saves me from giving in to my sweet tooth!



Bone Broth Protein

Photo credit: ancientnutrition.com/#bonebrothprotein


Although currently not stocked in the UK, shipping from USA is inexpensive, approx. only 5 working days – It’s well worth the wait!

Health Tip: Eat protein to stabilise blood sugar levels!

Protein has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels, meaning high-protein diets can help prevent spikes in blood glucose. Protein at meal times can slow down the absorption of sugar stabilising blood glucose levels is especially important for preventing type 2 diabetes, balancing energy levels, preventing over eating by keeping you feeling fuller for longer and mood in check.

Famous people following plant based diets:

To name a few…Ariana Grande, Russel Brand and Pamela Anderson all turned to vegetarian diets because of their love of animals. In May 2016, boxer David Haye declared going vegan made him stronger than ever! If the permanent lifestyle change sounds overwhelming, you can ease yourself in with a 3 week challenge like Beyonce and JayZ. I dare you to give it a go!


Post By Guest Blogger: Francesca Allured

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