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Before we know it the 31st October will be here, so it’s time to start your planning. Halloween has no age limit; you may have grown out of trick or treating but you’re never too old to dress up and party.

If you’re looking to be terrified there are great places to go in and around London. For starters you have the London Dungeons that is open all year around, telling the horrifying tales of London’s murky past. London Dungeons is based on real London history, and this month for the whole of October they are doing “The Witch Hunt”, based on Matthew Hopkins from the 16th Century. You’ll be lured into Hopkins’ Witch finder’s den, where you’ll find yourself part of his latest witch hunt investigation and he’s determined to locate his next witch… will you survive the hunt?

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If you’re a lover of the theatre, and love to be made jump out of your seat, The Woman in Black is a must for you. It’s an intriguing tale of a lawyer obsessed with a curse, that he believes has been cast over him and his family by the spectre of a Woman in Black, engages a sceptical young actor to help him tell his terrifying story. If you’re looking for an in depth thriller this Halloween, you can’t get more perfect than this however this one might be just for the adults!

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Roller-coasters can be scary at the best of times but with the added horror of being crept up on, the annual event of Thorpe Park Fright nights is most definitely one of the scariest events of the year. Take a walk through their scare maze, be prepared to be shaking with fear as you meet some unwanted faces who are also finding their way through the maze. New to fright nights is the deserted railroad, trek along an overgrown railway line but be careful not to disturb any haunted souls that were once aboard otherwise you might get a shock. All of this plus their selection of thrilling rides, but be careful you never know who you could bump into on these terrifying dark cold nights!

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Fancy a bit of sightseeing with a twist? Jump aboard London’s Ghost bus night service and take a ride into the unknown. Listen to a unique conductor unearth horror stories of London’s mysterious past, whilst travelling around to the spots these events took place. You will encounter some of London’s most famous sights such as The Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower of London; however, you will be learning a more gruesome side to them. If you decide to board this ghost bus be prepared for a few surprises, as the bus may harbour a few unwanted passengers as well throughout the trip.

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If tourist events aren’t for you and you’re just looking for a good old fashioned night out, we suggest the Halloween special at the Roof Gardens. This Halloween extravaganza is returning known as one of the best Halloween parties in the city, decorated for a chilling atmosphere with a few characters that will have you spooked. This event takes place on both 28th and 29th October from 7pm- 10pm in Kensington. With a tasty BBQ, music blaring and spooky surprises it’s the perfect party for you and your friends to enjoy your Halloween. Never feel too old to dress up!

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Another night out to look out for is Club de Fromage who are teaming up with Burn Down the Disco on 29th October, two venues decorated with everything horror related, sure to have your toes curling. Club de Fromage will be playing petrifying pop hits and Burn Down the Disco will be dropping all your favourite indie & rock roll tunes. Before the party kicks off Fromage Film Club will be screening the famous Ghostbusters, to get you in the mood for the haunted night ahead. Dance the night away with friends from 7.30pm until 3. 30am. Get ready to drink their ghoulish cocktails and enjoy the haunting atmosphere.

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Alternatively if you’re hoping for a quiet one this Halloween then head down to any of the old traditional pubs London has to offer and simply take in the historic atmosphere and watch the night go by from afar.

We’re wishing you all a hair-raising and frightful Halloween!


Post by guest blogger: Noreen Dowlin

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