Gadgets for Geezers

Have a read below to see the must have, quirky and useful men’s gadgets we have picked out as some great gift ideas this Christmas.

Everyone loves listening to their favourite songs, some of us love it so much we can’t even shower without something playing in the background. However, there is always the dilemma of keeping your device dry and still being able to hear your device over the water. So we introduce you to the Bluetoot!

This shower speaker is the answer to our dilemma. Its water-resistant design allows you to place the speaker anywhere in the bathroom without the worry of it being damaged, it even sticks to any smooth surface. It has easy to use buttons and can be connected to any device by Bluetooth. Grab this speaker for £14.99 and enjoy blasting your music whilst showering!

shower speaker
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Nowadays everyone takes photos and just send them to each other rather than actually printing them off, because printing is too much hassle. But sometimes it’s nice to have the physical picture to look at and put up somewhere at home. This Pyrnt Phone case takes away any hassle of printing; just attach your smartphone, take a photo, then it will only take couple of seconds to print off a memory for life. Pyrnts are ink-free, tear resistant; they even double up as a sticker, with no need for messy cartridges. The case is a light and portable design and you can even use the Pyrnt app to view and edit your photos before you print. The Pyrnt phone case costs £139.99, the perfect gift bringing your memories to life in a matter of seconds.

printer phonecase

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Ever wish you had a home cinema? With this next nifty gadget, you can. This smartphone projector allows you to transform your room into a cinema experience for family and friends for just £9.99. You simply place your phone in the box with your screen facing the lens; then all left to do is press play, sit back and enjoy! Perfect gift for a movie enthusiast or a dedicated Netflix binge watcher.

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Another really cool gift idea is this Immerse Plus Reality Headset, it allows you to feel the adrenaline rush of racing down a rollercoaster or to experience running away from a T-Rex all from the comfort and safety of your sofa. The headset slows you to enjoy 3D films and games by simply downloading content onto your smartphone. The screen adapts with you head movements ensuring that you will become completely immersed in your own wonderful virtual world. This is the perfect present for an adrenaline junkie or perhaps even someone who’s a bit afraid of things like roller-coasters, as it gives them a chance to experience something new but they know they are still safe.

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A perfect gift for a traveller is this scratch map. The map allows you to scratch off all the places you have been in the world, and behind it will be a colourful geographical detail. The top layer is made of a gold foil which is easily scratched off with the edge of a coin, scratch card style. That way you will never forget a holiday and it can give you an incentive to travel more, in order to complete scratching off the map. Not only is it a decorative piece to hang in your house, it’s also a discreet way of bragging about your holidays.

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And of course, last but not least, the perfect gift to spoil someone with this Christmas is a pair of Thomas Royall’s, getting them ready to swim in style all year round. So, if you’re taking a getaway this winter and seeking some sun then take a quick peek of our collection.

TR black butterfly shorts - men and kids

We hope this has made shopping for the man in your life a bit easier this Christmas with these quirky gift gadget ideas.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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