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There’s no better way than having a refreshing beverage in this sunny weather; what’s more satisfying than a cold cocktail to take your workday stress away. Cocktails are one of the most popular summertime drinks but finding the right recipe can be a challenge. Here’s a list of some of our favourite recipes, have a read to see if any tickle you taste buds…

clear cocktail with mint

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The first go to cocktail on the list is a Mojito. It’s quite an acquired taste due to the strong mint flavour that is helped with the lashings of sugar and rum, giving you a true Cuban experience. This is considered to be refreshing and an easy drinking cocktail.

Ingredients you need are:

50 ml White Rum, 8 Mint leaves, 12 1/2 ml Sugar Syrup, 25 ml Lime Juice, 2 Mint sprigs


Cosmopolitan Cocktail

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Next we have the classy cosmopolitan, one of the most popular cocktails, its popularity exploded in the 90`s mainly due to its role in the popular TV series, Sex and the City. The Cosmopolitan Cocktail is a colourful, fruity concoction made with citron vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime juice. However, there are a few variations of the recipe, such as the Peach Cosmopolitan, Raspberry Cosmopolitan, Blue Cosmopolitan which all substitute the lime juice adding different flavours.

Ingredients: 37 1/2 ml Citrus Vodka, 12 1/2 ml Triple Sec, 30 ml Cranberry Juice, 1/2 squeezed lemon, 12 1/2 ml Sugar Syrup


sex on the beach cocktail

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Well known for its name alone is Sex on the Beach, especially suited to a hot summer evening to cool off. This fruity drink is a mix of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. A variation of sex on the beach is a Woo Woo which is the same recipe just without the orange juice. Sex on the Beach is less of the sophisticated night out and more you fun loving, sit back and relax cocktail.

Ingredients: 25 ml Vodka / 25 ml Peach Schnapps / 40 ml Orange Juice / 20 ml Cranberry Juice / Orange Slice for Garnish


colourful cocktail glasses

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Ever stuck picking the perfect drink for your date? The Bellini is our next simple to make cocktail, perfect for any special occasion you might have. The Peach and Prosecco are a match made in heaven, creating the exquisite cocktail served in sophisticated champagne glass to add to the glamour of the drink.  This fizzy, fancy tipple is ideal for any occasion day or night.


Add 4 dashes of peach bitters into chilled champagne flute. Add peach puree and top up with Prosecco.


Pina Colada cocktail

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Last but not least we have Pina Colada, a well-known and popular cocktail. Heard in the song Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes which is a great hit and great publicity for the drink itself. Pina Colada is an all-round cocktail fit for any occasion and any mood. Its creamy and tropical flavors make for a delightful drink that’s smooth and full of flavour.


50 ml White Rum, 100 ml Pineapple Juice, 25 ml Coconut Cream, 25 ml Cream, Pineapple Slice, pinch of Salt


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Post by guest blogger: Noreen Dowling

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