Christmas Gift Guide – What To Get Your Loved One This Christmas

Christmas with Thomas Royall

As winter rolls around and Christmas creeps closer, it’s easy to fall into a panic. The festive season is a whirlwind of shopping, decorating and more shopping for most of us! You’ve got to have enough food to feed the family, plenty of presents to keep them amused and somehow make sure your house is decked out in style. Don’t be the person who makes last-minute panic buys this year, because we’ve put together a handy his and hers guide to help you make sure everyone has exactly what they want waiting under the tree.


Spice up your loved one’s winter wardrobe by purchasing them some fashionable but cosy jumpers or knitwear. Whether they’ve been hinting about that Tommy Hilfiger roll neck for months, or you’re feeling brave enough to pick something yourself, some luxury clothing makes a great gift for the person in your life who needs a treat. It’s also fairly easy to pick out a few trendy bits and pieces and put together a whole outfit, meaning there’s more to unwrap on Christmas day!



It’s a bit of a classic gift, but one that is both thoughtful and well-received, which is all you want a gift for that special someone in your life to be. There have been some impressive new releases this year, but among the top scents to purchase this Christmas are some familiar names. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is currently celebrating its tenth anniversary, but it’s still every bit as sumptuous, with top notes of wild berries, white violet and jasmine. The latest addition to the BOSS line-up, BOSS Bottled Tonic, is a great gift for the guy in your life who needs a new scent. Other popular options this season are Terre D’Hermés, Paco Rabanne XS, Gucci Bloom and My Burberry Blush. Of course, it all depends on personal taste, which is part of the fun of picking a fragrance.

FitBit Charge 2

The latest gadget trend is ideal for the budding sportsman or woman in your life, or someone who simply wants to look after themselves a little better this coming year. You can assure your loved ones that their New Year’s resolutions will actually be met with a trusty FitBit Charge 2 on their wrist! The smartwatch works as a fitness tracker, monitoring your daily steps and heart rate closely. It also comes with some cool mindfulness exercises and can help you track water intake, sleep and nutrition, making it the go-to fitness gadget for improving your general wellbeing in 2018!

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Designer Swimwear

You might be wondering why on Earth you’d buy swimwear in the winter, but what better way to spark excitement for your upcoming holiday than some of the latest trendy swimwear? Whether it’s the latest season’s Thomas Royall Luca shorts or our classic tailored George fit in a bold print, you can be sure that your other half will be looking their best at the beach next year. To take this gift to the next level, you could go all out and book a surprise trip! Who doesn’t love a winter get away?

With this guide, you’ve got everything you need to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this year. So you can kick back, relax and enjoy the festive season without any last minute stress.

Thomas Royall Swim Shorts

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