ibiza 03/09/2015

There’s Never Been a Better September to Visit Ibiza

As the weather starts winding down in the UK and the rain starts setting back in, you may be wondering how to squeeze the most holiday sun out of summer 2015. If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place, and it’s time to get ready for Ibiza.

Beach Sunset 08/07/2015

Best Places in South America to Party on the Beach

South America is a popular destination for many people, and it’s not hard to see why. The continent is relatively untraveled by tourists, compared to areas like Europe and Asia, but it has so much to see and do. Whether it’s visiting Machu Picchu in Peru, or checking out Angel Falls in Venezuela, you’ll never be stuck for ideas if you travel to this fantastic area of the world. While you’re there you should definitely be making the most of the numerous beach parties that are on offer, and here... Read More

Beach 05/05/2015

Top 4 Seaside Summer Holidays Around Europe

With free movement from Britain’s EU membership and cheaper air travel UK residents have several options for their summer holidays in a continent blessed with gorgeous beaches. They can take advantage of this by visiting a wide selection of locations, with a somewhat difficult choice to make when settling on a destination. There are few things more relaxing than lying on a beach with the sun on your back. This type of holiday is widely available in Europe and offered at decent value, too. Little preparation is required for holidaymakers,... Read More