Hula Hooping 12/01/2018

Alternative Work-Outs To Try In January

We’ve all been there. We promise ourselves that we will work out when January rolls around once again, but how many of us do? Whilst it is paramount that we take care of our health and fitness, many of us begin to lose interest because our current work out routines are boring, and quite frankly, too mainstream. In order to ensure you have that anticipated ‘get up and go’ attitude in the New Year, why not try these alternative work-outs in January? They are far more fun than simply just... Read More

Pushing large tire fitness exercise 05/01/2018

How To Fall Back In Love With Fitness This New Year

Let’s start this off with being honest, shall we? We’ve all done it. We’re all guilty of it, and we’ll all probably continue to be guilty with it – we’ve let our workout routines slip. With the festive season comes cold weather, mountains of food and a general penchant for being just a little bit lazy, and that’s okay. In fact, we encourage the relaxation! But what do you do when you’ve fallen out of love with your fitness regime and can’t seem to get yourself back on your feet?... Read More

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How To Keep Your Beach Body Throughout Winter

Many people, particularly men, tend to use the winter as the perfect time of year to eat a little more, lift heavier weights, bulk up their muscle mass and generally skip the cardio. Unless you’re heading on a winter holiday to catch some last-minute sunshine, then you’re not going to be parading around in swim shorts to show off your body anyway, right? However, there are a number of ways that you can continue to keep your beach body throughout the winter months, helping to keep you lean all-year round.... Read More

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HIIT vs. Endurance Training

HIIT (characterised by repeated bursts of brief intense exercise interspersed with periods of brief recovery) has long been emphasised as the “best” way to exercise for fat burn, but let’s not forget flexibility and endurance! HIIT workouts boost both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness but you need to work at a moderate level for a longer period of time to build up power and stamina. When you become accustomed to HIIT training your heart is likely to reach 80% or higher, when you go for a steady run, and after... Read More


Going Green, Good for Your Insides!

It’s widely generalised that high protein, low carbohydrate diets are the only diets that achieve your desired weight and muscle mass. Although this way of eating does produce brilliant results, high intake of animal protein can also wreak havoc internally and have detrimental effects on your future health! Animal protein is difficult for the body to digest, expediting a lot of energy, and slows digestion. Too much protein is highly inflammatory to the body and especially toxic to the kidneys. The best sources of protein are from plants (e.g. Hemp... Read More

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5 Fitness Experts to Get You Going!

The new year is well and truly underway – the cold weather is setting in, the kids are back at school and you’re back at work. With all this going on you might be finding it difficult to stick to your earnest new year’s resolution to eat more healthily and exercise properly. No need to worry, as these five Instagram fitness gurus have you covered. These guys have great exercise tips, tasty, nutritious meal ideas, and inspiration to kick-start the journey to the new you. There’s plenty of time to... Read More

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Beach Body Training

The first few weeks of the year have flown by and summer is slowly creeping upon us. The thought of having a great beach body is on our minds as we start to book our holidays. So, after the long cold January it can be hard to find motivation to get back into shape. Don’t stress as we have some training tips to inspire you to go get the beach body you desire. First off, it’s time to cut the fizz and guzzle as much water as you can. Fizzy... Read More

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Party Season Survival Guide

Are you embracing the party season? But getting fed up of that awful, tired feeling the next day? Here are some top tips on how to survive your hangover and be party ready. During the party season, there are girls dancing in high stilettos and men trying to break in their new Christmas shoes; which can cause feet a great discomfort the next day of course. Some top tips to have happy feet are to buy shoes 1cm longer than your foot but that fit nice and snug around the... Read More

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Food & Fitness

What we eat and our personal fitness level is something that we are always striving to improve. It can be difficult to know what foods to eat to get the right energy and nutrients for before and after exercise. We have some top tips on how to improve your fitness and diet as well as improving your workout routine. Photo credit: Relivanz Blog Firstly, it’s hard to know what time of day to exercise and what time suits you. In our busy lives, it can be hard to squeeze in... Read More

Lady kayaking 10/10/2016

Best Beach Activities Ever

There’s more to spending time on the beach than lazy sunbathing and sipping cocktails. If you enjoy an active summer, beach may be the best milieu for taking pleasure in adrenaline raising activities or simply the ones that will ensure lots of fun. Whether it’s by the sea, lake, or a river – here are five of the most exciting activities you can try out. Kayaking Kayaking can be both a fun group activity (there are boats that have two or three seats), but also a soothing experience for an... Read More