Best Spring Sunshine Destinations

When the sun shines in the early evening it is a welcome sign spring has arrived. Once the Easter break has passed it can seem a long wait before people are jetting off to a sun filled holiday with soaring temperatures. Of course, a short journey to the beach may be possible, but there are other locations in foreign countries with different cultures and stunning beaches. At Thomas Royall we stock a range of stylish swim shorts that are essential during times of hot weather while home or abroad.

It is natural to imagine yourself tanning somewhere warm when winter ends and although summer can seem like a long time away, there are several options for your spring break. Wherever you go make sure you take sun cream, sandals and swim shorts available on our website.

Menorca, Spain

For some it is best to find somewhere sunny, but with temperatures they are comfortable at staying outdoors in. To avoid sunburn some will lie in the shade and effectively avoid the sun’s rays. Spring is the best time to be active in Menorca with a range of activities appealing thanks to the pleasant temperatures. Visitors will be pleased by the selection of villas available at this beautiful island. It can be easy to avoid being physically active in the summer, but you won’t be getting the most out of your visit to Menorca if you rest all week.

With temperatures reaching 20 degrees or so it is possible to enjoy exploring the area on horseback without complaining about the heat. Doing this allows visitors to appreciate the wonderful sights of the countryside. Horse riding is popular in spring and autumn so it’s best booking this in advance. As well as touring the area you’ll want to relax in the sun so wearing our swim shorts is a good way of doing that comfortably.

Side, Turkey

With May highs of 25 degrees this area on Turkey’s coast is well worth a visit thanks to the modern beach resort there. Strict planning laws have left the town centre unspoilt by commercialism and there are a few beautiful beaches to choose from. There are not many locations that are this warm before summer begins and it’s fair to say that the beach is the place to be in Side. There are plenty of ancient buildings to visit as well, but you’re likely to enjoy bathing in the sunshine the most here.

Tulum, Mexico

If all you want to do is lay on a beautiful beach and get as tanned as possible then Tulum could be the place you have been looking for. With average May temperatures of 28 degrees you will quickly be abole to get a natural tan and show off your Thomas Royal shorts. With siestas part of local culture it is advisable to go for an early swim in the morning before sleeping in the early afternoon. This routine obviously doesn’t need to be followed and it’s understandable you will want as much time by the sea or pool as possible. Wherever you go, our shorts look the part and are so comfortable to wear you’ll have to drag yourself away from the beach.

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