Best Beach Activities Ever

Best Beach Activities Ever

There’s more to spending time on the beach than lazy sunbathing and sipping cocktails. If you enjoy an active summer, beach may be the best milieu for taking pleasure in adrenaline raising activities or simply the ones that will ensure lots of fun. Whether it’s by the sea, lake, or a river – here are five of the most exciting activities you can try out.


Kayaking can be both a fun group activity (there are boats that have two or three seats), but also a soothing experience for an individual. It requires a lot of technique learning and knowledge of the equipment, so you need to be patient with it. It’s not exactly a preferable activity for adrenaline junkies, but it is fun and relaxing. Beginners usually need some time until they get a hang of it: for starters, paddles are not that easy to control, but if you struggle too much – it may be that you need to pick different ones. The shape of the blades, the width, as well as the length – all need to be customized to your height, weight, and physical strength. Consult an instructor and ask for help. Sea kayaking adventure in Plettenberg Bay offers you an amazing opportunity to kayak in the middle of the sea, next to whales and dolphins, but there are many other locations you can try out.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This water sport has its roots in Hawaii. Basically, it merges two other activities – canoeing and surfing. It firstly became popular among surfers and photographers, but then it started expanding further, spawning different types of SUP boarding. Surfers tend to use a paddle when reaching distant waves. It can also be practiced as simple stand up paddling, used for exploring around. If it’s long distance paddling, it can actually be a great workout, so an increasing number of fitness-focused people became intrigued by it. Even a new type of yoga called paddleboard yoga emerged from this! Logically, the most authentic experience can be found in Maui (e.g. Napili Bay or Makena), where it all started. Sign up for lessons and enjoy!

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Rock Climbing

You may have tried out indoor rock climbing, but the real thing is far more exciting. This sport is perfect for people that are active on a daily basis since it does require great physical readiness. Before starting your climbing adventure, consult an expert. There are some basic things you need to know in order to ensure safety. To mention a few, you’ll have to master the climbing technique, learn all about tying knots, choose the right apparel, stay calm in potentially dangerous situations, and purchase the right equipment. It’s all a lot easier if you choose to rent everything and go on your first climb with an instructor.

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More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, but humans have explored just a tiny bit of it (around 5%). Many people are curious about the sea world and luckily – snorkelling has become one of the most popular beach activities, almost wherever you go. If you’re driven by curiosity, but don’t like tourist crowds, consider off-the-beaten locations with mesmerizing underwater biodiversity. Australia has some amazing snorkelling spots like the Great Barrier Reef, and one of the most famous places on earth for this activity according to Solcaribbean travel is Bimini island in the Bahamas.

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With yoga communities rapidly expanding, healthy holidays became popular, and so did yoga resorts. However, if you are a devoted yogi then you won’t be needing a fancy schedule filled with different yoga classes. For a more on the budget experience, you can incorporate it into your vacation: beach is the perfect venue to get your oms. Grab your matt, your fitness apparel, a bottle of water (or green tea) – and you’re good to go! There are quite a few yoga positions you can try out at the beach. You’ll find the touch of sand on your bare feet so soothing and the sound of waves will fill you with serenity.

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Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of beach activities. There are many more you can explore, such as fishing, kite surfing, open water swimming, or volleyball. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to stay active and go around the world visiting the most amazing beaches and experiencing some of the best beach activities.  Have fun!

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