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Top 5 Late Summer Pool Party Destinations

Just because summer is drawing to a close, it doesn’t mean that the parties have to stop. Late summer is the perfect time for a pool party, and destinations all over the world have already caught onto that gem of information. So don’t put away your sunglasses and buy a pair of designer swim shorts from our store today just in time for your late summer trip. Here are five of the top destinations for pool parties in the late summer months. Las Vegas The perks of Las Vegas’ desert... Read More


Designer Caps For Men & Women

Here at Thomas Royall, we believe staying protected this summer doesn’t mean having to lack style – because sunscreen alone isn’t enough to protect you from the sun. Our unique range of signature printed caps can be worn with a pair of Thomas Royall swimming shorts for a pool time look or dressed up with a polo-neck top to achieve an iconic day to night time look. We realise that accessorising your summer wardrobe is a challenge, which is why we’ve designed four designer caps for both men and women... Read More

man swimwear in boat 24/08/2017
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SS17, the new range of luxury mens swimwear this Summer

SS17, the new range of luxury mens swimwear this Summer Summer is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate it than to delve into the new range of luxury men’s swimwear by Thomas Royall. Be sun lounger ready and take your swimwear to the next level. With over 12 designs available in the SS17 collection, there’s bound to be a print you love. Here at Thomas Royall, we understand how important it is to keep up with the trends year on year and swimwear should be no exception.... Read More

TRX at TEN 04/08/2017

HIIT vs. Endurance Training

HIIT (characterised by repeated bursts of brief intense exercise interspersed with periods of brief recovery) has long been emphasised as the “best” way to exercise for fat burn, but let’s not forget flexibility and endurance! HIIT workouts boost both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness but you need to work at a moderate level for a longer period of time to build up power and stamina. When you become accustomed to HIIT training your heart is likely to reach 80% or higher, when you go for a steady run, and after... Read More

Raybans 27/07/2017

Don’t Panic, Just Pack

We all love the excitement of going on holiday, however the idea of packing for one can be very unappealing for some of us. Sitting on the top of your case whilst trying to squeeze those last few items in will always be frustrating. However, don’t stress, if you’re like most of us holiday makers and are last minute packers; this post will help whilst buying those holiday essentials that slipped your mind. Here’s the holiday must haves to take away your packing panics and ensure you yet set stress... Read More

Sushi Samba 11/07/2017

London Rooftop Hotspots

In the peak of the British summer time, being inside a hot sticky club isn’t the most appealing idea of an evening out; but a rooftop bar in London sounds like the perfect spot to be. Lucky for us Londoners, we have plenty of options of where to go. Here are some top places to see the sun go down after you have spent all day in your designer swim shorts, with a delightful, cold beverage, all in the heart of one of the best cities in the world. Madison... Read More

Split, Croatia 07/07/2017

Europe’s Best Stag Locations

Trying to find the perfect stag location can be tricky, especially when you’re spoilt for choice with all the amazing countries you could visit in Europe. We’ve narrowed down our top picks for the best places to have a laugh with the lads and make your stag do one to remember. Don’t forget that sleep is for the weak on these occasions so get ready to have an immense and unforgettable last couple of days of freedom. Ayia Napa So first up we have the classic lads holiday in Ayia... Read More


Going Green, Good for Your Insides!

It’s widely generalised that high protein, low carbohydrate diets are the only diets that achieve your desired weight and muscle mass. Although this way of eating does produce brilliant results, high intake of animal protein can also wreak havoc internally and have detrimental effects on your future health! Animal protein is difficult for the body to digest, expediting a lot of energy, and slows digestion. Too much protein is highly inflammatory to the body and especially toxic to the kidneys. The best sources of protein are from plants (e.g. Hemp... Read More

Jasper Park Golf Club, Canada. 11/05/2017

Hole in one

Golf is constantly growing as a sport, and is becoming more popular rather than just something that you do when you retire. Watching the talent at competitions at events like the Masters, inspires us to get up, try and learn. When on holiday, a round of golf can be appealing, as a relaxing thing to do in the sunshine. Here are some of the best golf courses around the world to be inspired by. El Camaleon First up we have El Camaleon at Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. If... Read More

Porto riverside 30/03/2017

Paradise in Portugal

We’ve recently got back from the phenomenal Portugal, shooting our SS17 campaign “Lost in Paradise“, which we will be revealing to you all very soon. Portugal is an extremely popular holiday destination, and is one of Europe’s most visited countries due to affordability and their breath-taking views. Here are some of the prime places in beautiful Portugal for you to visit. Lisbon First off, we have Portugal’s capital Lisbon. Lisbon is Portugal’s most popular location, it’s great for artsy alleys and quaint shops. A great way to see the top... Read More