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Hottest Winter Party Destination 3 10/11/2017

Hottest Winter Party Destinations

When the sun disappears for another year and we’re greeted by the cold, harsh weather, it’s easy to feel a little blue, especially when you love those long, summer party nights. The fun doesn’t have to end there, though, as there are plenty of destinations around the world offering incredible nightlife during the winter months, despite the large drops in temperature. Here, we’re taking a look at the hottest winter party destinations for your 2017 winter fun! Amsterdam, The Netherlands This popular location has a reputation for being loud and... Read More

crunches 03/11/2017

How To Keep Your Beach Body Throughout Winter

Many people, particularly men, tend to use the winter as the perfect time of year to eat a little more, lift heavier weights, bulk up their muscle mass and generally skip the cardio. Unless you’re heading on a winter holiday to catch some last-minute sunshine, then you’re not going to be parading around in swim shorts to show off your body anyway, right? However, there are a number of ways that you can continue to keep your beach body throughout the winter months, helping to keep you lean all-year round.... Read More

10 Best Party Destinations in Europe 30/10/2017

10 Best Party Destinations In Europe

When it comes to partying, Europeans take the crown. With world-renowned clubs, scenic venues and incredible live music events, many partygoers won’t even consider leaving the continent. As the autumn months come rolling in, party destinations like Ibiza, Magaluf and Ayia Napa begin to shut down their strips – but that doesn’t mean that the party has to stop in Europe. Here, we’re taking a look at the top 10 party destinations in Europe for you to visit throughout the colder months this year, so you don’t have to experience... Read More

Scuba Diving 20/10/2017

The Most Adventurous Water Sports to Try On Holiday

For those of us looking for a little sense of adventure on our holiday, we don’t always have to go for the full adventure holiday experience. You can get just as much of an adrenaline rush at your beachside resort – with water sports being the perfect choice for any adrenaline seeker. The world of water sports is consistently evolving, with new and exciting options becoming more available around the world for you to try on your holiday. Here, we’re taking a look at the most adventurous water sports that... Read More

Boat Party 16/10/2017

How To Prepare For The Best Boat Party Of Your Life

Whether you’re on a boat party in Ibiza or you’re cruising around the entire globe, there are several things worth considering before you embark on the best journey of your life. A boat party is unlike any other party that you may have been to. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can prepare for the best boat party of your life. Know the Dress Code Some boat parties aren’t bothered about a dress code, and therefore you are free to wear whatever you wish throughout the entirety... Read More


Things You Didn’t Want To Know About The Ocean

When it comes to our holidays, not all of us will just stick to the poolside. Some of the more adventurous will don their Thomas Royall designer swimming shorts and venture out into the tides and currents of the oceans. While the fresh feeling and the adrenaline rush of an open water swim tells us everything about why people do it, we’re taking a look at the safer side of things. Here are the things about open water swimming and even just shallow sea paddling that you should consider before... Read More

Tips for Looking Great in Swim Shorts 09/10/2017

Top 5 Tips For Looking Great In Swim Shorts

If you’re heading off to catch the last bit of summer sun, your thoughts have probably turned to what to wear. Holidays are a great time to refresh your look and wear something different to make the most of that tan. For men, wardrobe options may feel a bit limited. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great on holiday though. At Thomas Royall, we know how important it is to keep up with trends, so we’ve come up with these top tips for looking good in swim shorts.... Read More

Packing Essentials for Your Winter Sun Escape 06/10/2017

Packing Essentials For Your Winter Sun Escape

Packing for your winter sun escape can be a challenge. Having spent the summer early waiting for D-day, when it comes to it, do you know what essentials to pack? Going abroad doesn’t have to be in the height of season. In fact, a winter sun escape could be just what you need. Timing your trip carefully could land you a good value deal. The best way to grab a bargain is planning a trip 6 weeks before Christmas. But what do you pack? If you’re lucky enough to be... Read More

Best Cities for Swimming 05/10/2017

7 Best City Swimming Locations

With summer coming to an end, there really is no reason to start putting away your swim shorts just yet. There are plenty of locations in cities worldwide to tide you over until the next bout of beach weather, or if you truly miss the heat, taking a trip to some of the warmest city destinations can still give you beautiful city swimming facilities. To make matters easier for you, here at Thomas Royall we have gathered 7 of the best City Swimming Locations that you have to visit in... Read More


The Men’s Guide To Designer Swimming Shorts

Looking good on holiday is at the forefront of most people’s minds when they go away. After all, when else will they have such a good tan or be in such great shape? Fashion-conscious men might feel a bit limited by their holiday wardrobe but there are plenty of ways to style yourself to stand out and make an impression. At Thomas Royall, we are passionate about effortless designer swimwear so we’ve come up with this handy length guide to help you choose the perfect shorts. Short Length Short shorts... Read More