7 Best City Swimming Locations

With summer coming to an end, there really is no reason to start putting away your swim shorts just yet. There are plenty of locations in cities worldwide to tide you over until the next bout of beach weather, or if you truly miss the heat, taking a trip to some of the warmest city destinations can still give you beautiful city swimming facilities. To make matters easier for you, here at Thomas Royall we have gathered 7 of the best City Swimming Locations that you have to visit in your lifetime.

Best Cities for Swimming

  1. Armier Bay Swimming Hole, Valletta, Malta

For turquoise waters in Malta, visitors and locals hardly need to look far, but for a whole new experience, a trip to the Armier Bay in Valletta is a natural dive pool well worth a visit. Only 15 minutes from the nearest town, the pool is tucked in within cliffs, providing a whole new level of privacy from the busy beaches and streets of Malta during the holiday season.

  1. Hampstead Heath Ponds, London, England

Surrounded by woodland and rugged edges, the three ponds of the Hampstead Heath Ponds are the perfect location for Londoners who love the water. This alternate way of swimming offers a whole new lease of live as a swimming destination, both to its swimmers and to the location as a whole. Once a series of clay pits, this ponds now offer swimming and lounging all year around – if you can brave the cold!

  1. Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia.

Armed with some of the best views of any city swimming pool, Bondi Icebergs pools are a must-see if you ever visit Sydney. These pools jut out into the Tasman sea, dating back to 1929 where the pools were often used to train lifeguards – a safer alternative to the crashing waves surrounding them! Speaking of the crashing waves, you may find yourself caught under a wave or two in the lower pool, with the ocean often rising high enough to fall down on swimmers in the salt-water pool.

  1. Lake Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece

There is certainly no shortage of things to do if you’re an avid swimmer on your visit to Lake Vouliagmeni. The location is accessible by car or bus, and is littered with rock pools and underwater tunnels for the divers among you. With rugged views, this location can make your trip there worth it even if you’re not a big swimmer.

Best City Swimming Places

  1. Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver, Canada

Being the only salt water swimming facility in the whole of Vancouver, this pool is a favourite for locals and tourists. It’s open from May until September, and with stunning views of the city skyline and the waters of English Bay that sits alongside it, it’s the perfect location for a non-tidal dip.

  1. Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

Offering an alternative to swimming in the not-so-tempting River Spree, the Badeschiff pool offers the same views but a safer swim. The crystal clear depths of the pool leave you with no concerns as to what is underneath you o around you, and is suitable for all swimmers of any age or ability.

  1. Astoria Park Pool, New York, USA

The Astoria Park Pool is quite possibly the closest to an in-city outdoor swim that you can get. Originally used for qualifying events in the 1936 and 1964 Summer Olympics, this pool is popular among sports fanatics. It’s 330 ft long, and is the largest pool of its kind in the USA. There are even views here, with the pool overlooking the RFK Triborough, and the Hell Gate bridges.

Best Swimming Locations

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