5 Sunny Holidays To Tackle Your Post-Christmas Blues

Sunny Holiday Destinations

The post-Christmas blues are some of the most horrendous ‘blues’ that we come across in a year. The food and festivities are gone, the decorations that once adorned every wall have been stripped, making even the most cluttered of rooms looking empty and dull, and we’re all feeling just that little bit sorry for ourselves. So how do you get past this overwhelming post-Christmas lull? Well, this is where your upcoming holiday comes in! Now, you may be asking yourself ‘what holiday?’ and wondering if you’ve forgotten an envelope somewhere amongst your mountain of opened gifts, but fret not. The holiday you’ll be going on is the holiday you’ll be booking after you’ve read our five sunny holidays to tackle your post-Christmas blues! What was that? Oh, go on then – treat yourself to some new swim shorts too.



With 340 days of blissful sunshine throughout the year, Cyprus isn’t only a summer destination. In fact, its rich culture and history make it the perfect destination all year around, so for those of you with a need for something to do while you’re away relaxing, Cyprus is perfect. Head to Paphos for an array of historical sites to get your mind whirring, and enough restaurants and bars to stop for a ‘break’ as many times as you see fit. Just make sure you leave some room in your case – the shopping areas are filled with everything from the obligatory cheesy souvenirs for your loved ones, to legitimately amazing purchases to start off your spring and summer wardrobes.


Cape Verde

For those in need of something a little more when they go away, Cape Verde is the destination for you. With long, sun-filled days to enjoy, you can relax on one of the many beaches for as long as you like (just remember the sunscreen) before diving head-first into a whole line up of activities that are guaranteed to give you the adrenaline rush of all adrenaline rushes. From the likes of kite surfing and windsurfing, all the way to actual surfing and banana-boat rides, you can do more than just admire the turquoise waters here. If you’d prefer something a little drier you could hop on a dune buggy or rent out a quad bike!


Want a destination where you can not only get over the post-Christmas blues, but work on that summer bod already? Well, the Algarve might just be the place for you. Portugal’s Algarve Coast is filled with everything you could possible want to keep fit, from scenic walks in stunning national parks, through to water sports worthy of your wildest dreams. If you’re in need of something a little calmer, why not take to one of the many golf courses? Even if it’s not really a sport you’ve found yourself interested in in the past, having a bit of fun on the course with family or friends in the warm sunshine doesn’t sound so bad, does it?


Okay, okay. We know that some of you are probably sitting there wondering if we’re going to mention anywhere where you can just sit on the beach all day and the answer to that is… of course we are! Cuba is ideal for those of you looking for a beach holiday where you can relax on the warm sands all day every day and work on that tan. Cuba is home to miles and miles and miles of miraculously clean beach and waters blue enough to be worthy of the most perfect of Instagram shots. Find the best spot on the white sandy beaches near a palm tree, break out the ice cold drinks, and settle yourself down for a day filled of pure, blissful nothing.



If all of the locations we’ve mentioned so far sound perfect and you really can’t choose where to go, then Greece is probably your best bet here. Whether you choose a resort on the mainland, or quaint hotel on one of the countless islands, Greece has everything from sandy beaches, adrenaline-pumping water sports, a rich history and a culture that other countries can only sit back and wish they had. Add in the fact that Greece is just flat-out beautiful, and there’s really no need to consider going anywhere else. Whatever it is that floats your (banana) boat, Greece is more than likely to have it.

You’re looking for flights now, aren’t you? We told you so.

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