5 Instagrammers to Follow for Clean Eating Inspiration

If that cheeky weeknight pizza after a long day at work or your favourite takeaway are tempting you back into bad habits we’ve put together five of our favourite Instagrammers to follow for clean eating inspiration.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, bulk up or just simply feel more energised and healthy – there’s an account which will help you avoid slipping back into bad habits when the January blues bite.

The Kitchen Shed

Charlie at the Kitchen Shed runs a 30 day clean eating challenge if you want to shake your eating habits up and replace chocolate digestives with something a bit healthier.

As well as the super healthy smoothies and salads, Charlie’s feed includes substantial pasta dishes and rice bowls so you don’t have to give up some of your favourite foods to eat smart.

Most of her recipes are on her blog too.

Follow Charlie on Instagram here.

When Harry Met Salad

You can grab the recipes for Harry’s healthy, workout-friendly meals straight from his feed.

There’s plenty of post-workout meal inspirations, like his spicy beef noodles, rest meals with high fats and protein and low carbs, and substantial breakfasts that will stave off mid-morning food cravings and increase your energy levels.

Follow Harry on Instagram here.

Gym’s Kitchen

If you are seriously dedicated to protein, Britain’s first gym-based restaurant will inspire you to set some new goals with their 20oz cowboy steak.

Watch out for their brunch pancake stacks, brunch-time salads and eggs, and cheeky burgers.

Follow Gyms Kitchen on Instagram here.

Clean Eating Alice

If you’re a fan of #yolkporn then you need to be following Alice who will show you how to do an eggy breakfast that is a bit more appetising than five fried eggs alone on a plate.

She’s also a good bet for flavourful salads that have the perfect mix of protein and fats and tasty protein-full dinners like her deconstructed BLT and tomato and thyme baked cod fillets.

A photo posted by Alice (@clean_eating_alice) on

A photo posted by Alice (@clean_eating_alice) on

Follow Alice on Instagram here.


If you’re tired of the same old shakes and smoothies Nutribullet UK has a constant stream of new flavours and ideas to choose from – how about a choco berry blast to kill those sweet cravings?

And of course there are enough green smoothie idea to keep even the most enthusiastic kale and spinach lover happy. There’s plenty of inspiration if you’re using protein powders too.

Follow Nutribullet UK here.

Image credit: Kayla Seah

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